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In the Industrial process for the design of the product and the manufacture of Molds there are many points to take into account so that the result has the expected quality.

One of the key points is to design thinking about subsequent industrialization.

A good industrial CAD design carried out by professionals in the sector is key so that the quality of an injection or thermoforming mold and the final product are optimal.

The machining phase with the CAM tools provides us with safety and precision in the work and the MOLDFLOW tools help us to ensure the good filling of the part and the injection quality.



Functional design and Industrialization

Each project is unique and requires specific requirements for its industrialization.

If you have an idea for a sketch or physical part, we will help you optimize the design so that the manufacturing costs are optimal according to your needs.

20 years of experience in the design of parts and assemblies for plastic injection guarantee us.

Diseño Industrial


High performance

Quality and precision in the final product is the basis of every engineering project.
Using the best tools and machinery is an important part of offering the best quality in machining processes.

mecanizado molde inyección



Moldflow provides us with the simulation of filling a part in the injection process, which helps us to predict which areas are most optimal for filling the part.
In this way we obtain higher quality and avoid imperfections.

Moldflow molde inyección
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